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Introducing our law firm

Founded in 2014,

Nick Boggs Law Specializes in

Criminal Law and Personal Injury Cases


Nick Boggs

Representation Focused On You


I don't take cases. I represent people.  

Walking into a courtroom can be a frightening and uncertain experience. Too often, our system of justice can leave individuals feeling left out and unheard. Not having a voice in a crucial moment in your life can be devastating. I strive to make sure that you aren't left behind by the system. 

With years of experience defending people against the government, I have the knowledge and the ability to be your advocate. 



Criminal Defense

Personal and professional advice based on your needs and your goals. When your liberty is at stake, experience and understanding is a must have. 


Family Law

Appearances in family court can bring loss of children, economic disruption, and court interference with the relationships a person holds most dear.


DUI & Felony Defense

After all the paperwork, mandatory courses, missed days of work, and fines, DUIs and felonies can end up costing you thousands. Consult an experienced professional and save yourself time and headache.


Personal Injury

When you're injured and unable to enjoy life as you know it, any bit of assistance helps. Nick Boggs knows how that feels, and he's here to represent you in court.

As a peacemaker, the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough.

Abraham Lincoln (1850)

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Nick Boggs Law

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